New Technologies For Agriculture

New Technologies For Agriculture

Agriculture technology is the application of new technologies in agriculture, forestry, and horticulture with the primary aim of enhancing productivity, yield, and profitability of a given industry. The main aim of agriculture technology is to promote inputs used in the production of food, feed, fiber, fuel, and other essentials for human and animal life. The scope of agriculture technology is very broad. It encompasses the entire gamut of technological advances in agricultural production, management, processing, food and chemical markets. Agriculture technology covers concepts, equipment, supplies, policies, practices and farm organizations.

Agriculture technology covers a variety of activities. These activities are broadly categorized into different groups depending upon their application. There are also subgroups in the broad category of agriculture technology based on sectors. Agriculture produces these fundamental inputs to modern living and the advancements in this sector have been broadly categorized into four sectors – agriculture, forestry, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and poultry.

Agriculture technology has contributed significantly to the modern agriculture. Advancements in the technology applied in the field of agriculture have paved the way for increased food production, improved nutrition, improved pest control and improved soil fertility. Technological innovation has transformed the process of production and distribution of food and feed. Some of the important technologies that have impacted agriculture technology are listed as below.

Biotechnology has resulted in the emergence of sophisticated and precise agriculture. This technology is related to the uses of living organisms in the agricultural industry and in the domestic and rural food market. The biotechnology introduced precise and appropriate genetic modifications that resulted in the evolution of improved crops, livestock and animal diseases. Biotechnology systems have also provided tools for improved crop production by intensifying use of irrigation systems, fertilizers and pesticides.

Biosphere technology is a strategic biological management approach that integrates science and technology to enhance the productivity of an agricultural system. It aims at the reuse of natural resources, reduce the input costs and improve the ecological performance of an agricultural system. This innovative technology involves physical, chemical and biological processes in an integrated manner to derive economic, environmental and social benefits. This technology leads to the recycling of nutrients that are used in chemical engineering and energy production.

Biotechnological systems provide solutions for improving the nutritional quality of agricultural foods by using genetic resources from micro-organisms. This new technology is associated with advanced facilities for quality assurance testing of agricultural products. These facilities enable farmers to trace their ancestors back to when they were first cultivated in the earth. Agriculture has taken major strides forward due to the availability of new technologies such as genetic breeding, genomics and micro-organisms. With the advent of biotechnology solutions, precision agriculture is making its mark in the global food market.

Precision agriculture technology is a form of agriculture that is used to improve the yield and performance of the crops. It involves improved management techniques to ensure that the crops are produced at the right time under the correct growing conditions. This technology involves different measures that include soil biology, soil chemistry and fertilization. This technology assists in improving crop yields and reduces input costs. Using this advanced form of agriculture technology, farmers can get high precision results and ensure that there is a consistent flow of harvest in their fields. Agriculture is making use of new techniques to increase crop production and improve the nutritional quality of the foods that they produce.

Agriculture is an important sector and most of the developing countries rely on agriculture for their economy. With rising food prices, agriculture needs are touching the skies. To expand their agricultural technology and productivity, farmers need sophisticated machinery that is available only through agriculture technology companies. By investing in these companies, farmers can improve the quality of their inputs and thereby improve their overall revenue.

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