Agriculture Technologizing and Its Importance

Agriculture Technologizing and Its Importance

Agriculture Technologizing is taking over the agriculture business due to several factors. The agricultural industry is the second largest contributor in world employment after the service industry contributing 28 percent in global employment. Around 1.3billion people are employed worldwide by the agriculture industry. Now days modern agriculture technology play a significant part in agricultural production.

Agriculture Technologizing involves transforming conventional agriculture with new and novel techniques and practices. Agriculture Technologizers applies scientific principles into the development of better and improved agricultural technology. These technologists are responsible for implementing solutions to agriculture’s present inadequacies and improvising crop production by introducing and innovating new tillage, fertilizers, seed, and food products systems. They are also responsible for developing management systems for the use of technology in agriculture.

There has been tremendous growth in the area of genetic materials used in the cultivation of plants and animals. This has led to an increase in genetic resource utilization in agriculture. Agriculture Technologizing has contributed significantly to the improvement of genetic resource utilization in the farming sector. They have introduced techniques that improve the productivity and quality of the various crops cultivated by modern farming techniques. Some of these are insect control methods, chemical fertilization, irrigation systems for different types of crops, and improved management of crop yields by using quality management techniques.

Agriculture Technologizing has played a major role in the adoption of genetically modified (GM) organisms in agriculture. The technology allows adaptation of specific GM organisms so as to yield better or more desirable results in comparison to naturally produced crops. This technology assists in pest control, increases in crop yield, helps control the spread of crop diseases, improves the chemical and irrigation properties of the soil and increases crop productivity. Some of the commonly used genetic material in agriculture technology are; – Arable Rice (maize), – Sugar cane, – Sweetcorn, – Tomatoes and beans, – Sweet pea, Cotton, – Zucchini, and other green vegetables. This technology assists in improving the yield of the crop and makes it better than the existing one.

Another important contribution of agriculture technology is in the area of fertilizer and its use. Fertilizer is essential for increasing crop production and providing a healthy environment to the farmers. Agriculture Technologizing has enabled farmers to increase productivity by the use of natural fertilizers. These fertilizers are made from manure of different animals and they contain various nutrients that are required for growing crops.

Biotechnology has also played a major role in agriculture. This technology enables the farmers to monitor and record all events in the real-time crop production system. It also enables the farmers to understand the real-time changes taking place in the crops and the marketability of those products. This technology has made farm management easier by creating the virtual world in the form of computers.

Many farmers are adopting modern techniques to grow more crops in a small space by increasing the productivity. The best part of agriculture vertical farming is that there is less investment involved and the farmers get an opportunity to earn huge profits instantly. As far as the equipment used is concerned, they are using high technology equipment like aerators, tillers, spraying systems and genetic modification. This helps them to grow crops much faster than the traditional method. This high technology farming system helps farmers to earn greater profits as well as secure their position in the market.

Aeration, water spray and other tools to help the farmers to manage the soil and increase the productivity. Agriculture Technologizing has enabled farmers to feed the crops with improved quality of soil. They can easily handle the fertilizers and increase the productivity of the crop. In case if they get struck by any unexpected problem, these tools provide immediate response to solve the problem and save the crop. So, agriculture is an important sector and farmers depend a lot on agriculture for their livelihood.

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